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Top 5 Leagues to Play Fantasy Cricket Game in 2021

Top 5 Fantasy Cricket Leagues – While past times worth remembering may remind watchers about the persona and excellence of red-ball cricket, the present age may want something else.

T20 as an arrangement has enraptured the whole gang and kept on drawing in millions over the globe yearly. All the top five leagues that have been adapted into a fantasy cricket league are mentioned below:

  1. IPL
  2. BBL
  3. NATWEST T20 Blast
  4. Carribean Premier League
  5. Pakistan Super League


On the rundown of the top 5 most extravagant T20 cricketing class and fantasy cricket leagues, comes the money rich Indian Premier League. In 2015, Duff and Phelps directed a top to bottom valuation examination of the IPL as a brand, and on the off chance that anything, the numbers created were surprising.

The IPL as a brand alone was esteemed at an eye-popping count of USD 4.5 billion. Mind you, this figure at present is substantially more, on account of the yearly exacerbating and the worldwide economy all in all succeeding with the progression of time.

Consider it the extraordinarily high calibre of cricket on offer, the advertising expert of the group, of Indian cricket fans, the class all in all has basically changed the manner by which the game is being played presently. The IPL is a part of the Fantasy cricket league as well.


Second, on the rundown of the top 5 most extravagant T20 fantasy cricket leagues is Big Bash League. Starting from Down Under, the once tasteless league has improved itself in a huge manner and reexamined the type of game in Oceania.

With inexpensive food mammoths KFC being the main backers of the alliance since its initiation in 2011, the competition is exceptionally looked for.

One contrast between the IPL and the Big Bash League is that while private owners claim establishments or rent, in BBL, it is Cricket Australia who has authority over all establishments and itself takes care of the accounts and dissemination of income.

An aggregate of eight city-based establishments fights it out in this competition, which runs for a decent bit of the Australian summer.

An eye-getting part of this class remains that in spite of the national group playing its worldwide matches and the primary decision players occupied with national duties, the group appreciation for BBL games remains high as can be.

Actually, scarcely any games in the competition witness void stands and as a general rule, jam-pressed stands are seen for the BBL. And this BBL is played profoundly in online fantasy games.


Britain’s T20 group is third on the rundown of the top 5 fantasy cricket leagues on the planet. While a remark may be made that the NatWest T20 Blast all in all is somewhat outdated, one additionally needs to value the way that it was the first-ever T20 competition to be considered.

Nonetheless, considering the Wales Cricket Board and England’s unbending methodology in dealing with the game in the UK, the group has been far dominated by IPL and BBL.

With an aggregate of 18 top-notch districts contending across a quarter of a year, to go connected with the local First Class and List A competitions, the booking is basically a wreck.

Therefore, the viewership numbers for the equivalent are not as high as one would connect with a competition like the IPL or even the BBL so far as that is concerned. This is why IPL is the one that inspires the cricket fantasy team build-up.

With a very confused domestic type of structure, in all the ECB wins a sum of GBP 5-7 million from broadcasting incomes. So as to make England’s domestic T20 structure unmistakably increasingly proactive, the ECB is thinking about privatizing the league on the lines of the IPL, and making it a city-based establishment issue, instead of the conventional county issue

Caribbean Premier League

Hailing from the place that is known for debut World Cup victors, Caribbean Premier League (CPL) comes fourth on the rundown of the top 5 fantasy cricket leagues on the planet.

Home to ultimate holders of the parties from the Caribbean, the Caribbean Premier League, has been a significant disclosure. When it supplanted the old local-based Caribbean T20 competition, the inclusion of establishments saw it roll out a total improvement. Following the lines of the IPL, while the league overall is represented by the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB).

The title backer of the league is Indian car organization, Hero MotoCorp. Discussing India, one needs to comprehend that IPL establishment Kolkata Knight Riders have average business affiliations with the league.

The Shah Rukh Khan-owned Knight Riders additionally have a significant piece of the Tribango Knight Riders and are a part of a similar family.

Pakistan Super League

Last but not the least, Pakistan Super League (PSL) comes fifth on the list of top 5 fantasy cricket leagues in the world.

Based on the lines of the IPL, Pakistan wanted a cash-rich T20 league of its own. While the games might not be played in Pakistan (except the finals), the cities of Dubai and Sharjah host the tournament annually.

Having commenced in 2016, the tournament has already been a massive positive for the Pakistan Cricket Board, not just regarding the talent scouted from the league, but even from a financial front.

The teams are based out of the main Pakistani regions, with city-based franchise modelling being used. When the tournament was conceived, the franchises were sold for USD 93 million, with the contract being valid for ten years.


Writing down the top 5 fantasy cricket leagues on the planet drives us to a discussion that Cricket and Economics frequently go inseparably, and one doesn’t have to look beyond the modern-day to comprehend this announcement. These leagues inspire the cricket fantasy team to build up in online fantasy games.

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