Top 10 Female Wicket-keepers in International Cricket – 2020 Updated

Cricket as a sport has evolved over the years. However, this male-dominated sport is being infiltrated by women over the last few years to prove their worth. This article on the “top 10 female wicket-keepers in cricket” reflects the same.

Fans appreciate male cricketers all over the world. However, the women who play the same sport equally well are seen as an after-thought. They are an article to be read and skimmed over by the public.

Aside from the acceptance factor, we see rising popularity. It is an amazing accomplishment and an inspiring moment for women all over the world. Moreover, it shows how much this gender has progressed over the years.

In cricket, a recent analysis introduces us to a few female wicket-keepers who are dominating this category of cricket. They have time and again displayed pure talent in the field. These women deserve more recognition than they are being given in the history of cricket.

Let’s look into the top 10 female wicket-keepers with the most dismissals in the game till now (2020 updated).

List of Top 10 Female Wicket-keepers

1. Sarah Taylor:

Sarah Taylor belongs to the UK and is the best female wicket-keeper with the maximum number of dismissals in international cricket. She has a whopping 247 dismissals to her name.

Sarah Taylor is the wicket-keeper to date who has played in over 220 International matches. Sarah has recently retired from the International arena. It is unfortunate that she will not be able to add more to her successes. Many cricket experts compare Sarah to one of the best wicker-keepers in male cricket, i.e. MS Dhoni.

2. Trisha Chetty:

A young South African player, Trisha Chetty is being recognized as the second-best female wicket-keeper in the sport. She has joined the national cricket team in 2007 and has dismissed 214 players in the span of her game.

Trisha has been applauded for her athletic keeping skills behind the wickets and her unique batting skills as well.

3. Merissa Aguilleira:

This West Indian wicket-keeper has played over 200 matches in both ODI’s and T20’s. She has 172 dismissals to her name. This prominent player has taken retirement from the International cricket in 2019. She has exemplary skills both as a batsman and a wicket-keeper.

4. Jane Smit:

Jane is an English wicket-keeper batsman who is well known for her contribution to the success of the Ashes in 2005. She has played in over 120 international matches for her country.

Furthermore, she can proudly count 161 dismissals in International matches. Jane has taken retirement from the team in 2008 and is being considered one of the veterans of the game.

5. Rachel Priest:

The next cricketer in our list of top 10 female wicket-keepers with most dismissals is Rachel Priest. Rachel is one of the best sportswomen in New Zealand. She is a hard hitter in batting and an excellent wicket-keeper.

Hence, she secures the 5th position on this list with 160 dismissals to her name. She is one of the best in women’s cricket and her rise to fame was through Central Districts. She has played in over 160 International matches and made her country proud.

6. Batool Fatima:

A Pakistani wicket-keeper who was also a medium-pacer secures the 6th position in this list. Batool Fatima is a cricketer who has been playing for her team since 2001 but her last international game was in 2009 with Ireland. She is a handy player who has over 152 dismissals behind the stumps in her name.

7. Alyssa Healy:

Alyssa is the wife of Australian left-arm pacer Mitchell Starc and niece of one of the world’s best wicketkeeper Ian Healy. This Australian female wicker-keeper has excellence marked in her genes.

She has dismissed over 152 players with her excellent wicket-keeping skills. Her International debut for her team was in 2010 against New Zealand and she has played over 100 T20I matches.

Besides this, one of the world’s best batsmen, Virat Kohli has praised Alyssa for her excellent batting skills as well.

8. Rebecca Rolls:

Rebecca marked her debut in 1997. This New Zealand cricketer secures the 8th position in our list of top 10 female wicket-keepers. In addition to this, she has received a lot of recognition for her skills in the field.

Moreover, she is one of the best One-day International players in her country. Rebecca has done over 137 dismissals while keeping the wickets in international cricket.

9. Jodie Fields:

Jodie is an Australian wicket-keeper who made her debut in the International forum in 2006. A professional T20 player and a successful wicket-keeper. Consequently, she has an estimate of 114 dismissals accounted for her name. She has been a great contributor to her team over the years.

 10. JC Price:

The last player on this list of top 10 female wicket-keepers is JC Price and she is an Australian wicket-keeper having 121 dismissals to her name.

She is also an amazing batsman and had a 10-year experience playing in her international games. Her international debut was in 1995. Currently, Julia is the head coach of the USA women’s team.


This is the list of top 10 female wicket-keepers who have successfully overcome competition in this male dominating sport. Additionally, they have secured an international ranking and made proud of their respective countries. Hence, these women have been exemplary and an inspiration to women all over the world who seek to get into sports.

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