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The Development and Evolution of Fantasy Sports in India

Technological advancements have helped to close numerous gaps throughout time. It has made life somewhat simpler, more enjoyable, and less stressful. Tickets for movies, reservations at the city’s finest restaurants, private cabs, and other services are available at the press of a button. The Indian gaming industry has also seen a transition as a result of technological advances. In the past three to four years, fantasy games and fantasy sports have taken over the gaming business in India.

The Fan and Sports: Fantasy Sports

A sports fan is a person who is captivated and enthusiastic about sports. The sports fan attends stadiums, watches matches on television and follows the most recent sports news. Yet, a disconnect existed between the average fan and the sport. The success of Online Cricket ID is bridging the gap and bringing fans closer to the game.

Fantasy sports are a game of skill in which a fan assembles a virtual team of actual athletes. The team should be led by a captain and vice-captain, and it will have a salary cap. There should be a minimum number of players at each playing position. A fan can enter a free/practice or paid contest on a fantasy sports platform.

The fantasy points system is used to determine fantasy points, which are awarded to players based on their performance in the game. Based on their rating and the fantasy premier league or contest in which they participated, fans who gain the most points will be awarded cash rewards.

Fantasy sports are popular in India

When compared to the United States and Canada, India is a relative novice in the global fantasy sports industry. However, the number of fantasy sports enthusiasts in the United States has exploded. In 2019, an estimated 90 million people participated in fantasy sports, up from just two million in 2016.

Unquenchable excitement for cricket is one of the reasons behind the meteoric ascent of fantasy sports in India. The 4G revolution also had a substantial impact. Smartphones quickly gained popularity in the country, and 4G-enabled devices gave users access to fantasy games and other popular mobile applications.

While the popularity of IPL Betting ID has increased over time, India is projected to have over 650 million gamers by 2025.

Speculative Sports in India

In India, fantasy sports platforms feature a variety of sports, from cricket to baseball. Unquestionably, cricket, the gentleman’s game, is the most popular among them. It is also known as fantasy cricket and is one of the country’s most popular fantasy sports. Fantasy football and fantasy kabaddi have also garnered considerable interest from Indian gamers.

Cricket Dream

A fantasy cricket team consists of 11 players, just as it does in the actual game. The minimum requirements are one wicketkeeper, three batters, one all-rounder, and three bowlers. A minimum of four players from one of the competing teams must be included in the starting lineup. Now, the fantasy point system differs based on the format.

Cricket enthusiasts can engage in games such as the Indian Premier League (IPL), Big Bash League (BBL), Caribbean Premier League (CPL), T20I internationals, ODIs, Test matches, and other regional cricket leagues on fantasy sports websites.

Never stop acquiring new knowledge

Due to the peculiar nature of cricket, specific wagers, like those on a draw, are more appropriate for low-scoring games like soccer but are incredibly rare in cricket. Nonetheless, test matches have higher chances. This is particularly true in shorter formats of cricket, such as T20 and One-Day Internationals.

In order to increase your chances of success and prevent becoming stuck in a rut, it is essential to deepen your grasp of the game, as it is with any sport. To do this, you must keep learning about the rules, the players, and the clubs. Knowing the players’ skills and the team’s playing style is necessary for this. Learning never stops because player ratings change constantly.

Indian Fantasy Platforms

Five years ago, only ten companies offered fantasy sports or other fantasy games. There are already over 150 companies that provide virtual sports gaming to fantasy sports enthusiasts. These websites’ most popular fantasy sports include cricket, football, and kabaddi. Yet, a variety of gaming platforms also host basketball, rugby, baseball, and hockey.

In the fantasy gaming universe, the earliest games are the most significant

The First Games app, powered by Paytm, has emerged as the most engaging fantasy sports platform in the Indian market. Over 4.5 million people join in their favourite fantasy sport on First Games. Sachin Tendulkar, a great cricketer, is the face of First Games’ fantasy sports, which include cricket, football, kabaddi, and basketball. The platform offers Rummy, Call Break, Horse Racing, and other fantasy games.

Recommend & Earn from The GURU, Sports 24*7, and Refer & Earn from Sports 24*7

Why do so many gamers rush to First Games for fantasy games? What distinguishes the app from other platforms for fantasy games? Here are some of the app’s distinguishing characteristics.

The Refer & Earn program offers players to earn cash bonuses when their referrals sign up and make a deposit at First Games. In addition, by investing funds into their accounts and participating in specific fantasy sports events, fantasy sports participants are eligible to earn phenomenal bonuses.

The Guru component of the program aims to provide match-related wisdom. With the First Games application, fantasy players may view expert-made teams, recent fantasy figures for players, and form guides for both teams, among other features.

First Games provides fantasy players with matches from around the globe, including the T20 World Cup and smaller tournaments. The platform hosts Twenty20, Twenty10, One-Day International, and Test cricket matches in addition to major European football leagues, the Indian Super League, international football events, and the Pro Kabaddi League.

Is it legal to participate in fantasy sports in India?

With the exception of a few *states, fantasy sports are permitted and recognized as a skill-based activity in India. It is an online fantasy game in which, among other things, success depends on a player’s knowledge of the game, extensive research, and fantasy gaming expertise.

The Madras High Court has found that internet games such as rummy, poker, and other similar games are skill games, invalidating a provision of the Tamil Nadu Gaming Act that barred online gambling.

Current Indian law prohibits inhabitants of Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Odisha, Telangana, Nagaland, and Sikkim from participating in paid contests. The fantasy sports business model brings together passionate sports fans on a single platform. Students get the opportunity to put their knowledge and skills to the test and win cash rewards. There are both paid and free/practice fantasy premier leagues and contests accessible to fantasy players. Ultimately, fantasy sports are about encouraging fan participation and recognizing their achievements.


So, this was all about the development and evolution of fantasy sports in India. For more such cricket-related articles and information, stay connected with Crickclassics.

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